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Thread: Sony Vegas "auto-ripple"?

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    Question Sony Vegas "auto-ripple"?

    Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place, wasn't sure if it should go here or in the audio editing forum.
    Also sorry for the fact that I'm not really sure which vegas type I'm referring to here; I think it's version 7? >//<;

    Anyway, questions!
    Could someone tell me what the "auto-ripple" effect does for a sound file? And how do you get it to work on your sound file?

    Any help is appreciated very much~

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    Auto Ripple is, simply put, a tool that will shunt media along the timeline automatically as you make changes.

    If you have an audio event on the timeline and you chop a part out, everything beyond it will shunt up to take position at the point of your edit.
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