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Thread: Recording Video and Audio seperatly

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    Default Recording Video and Audio seperatly

    Im in a dilema...
    Basicaly I want to buy a Video Camera to record a violinist and pianist playing together live with 2 mics recording them( one each). I was going to buy a Cannon HV20 or Sony hdr hC7 , then pan one mic left and one right and record via mixing desk in to cam to create a stereo sound.. Hwoever ive found out that the sound quality is only Mpeg..I ned itto be the best quality as Im using the recordings for a music demo....

    So my next step was to buy a cheaper camera and get a 4 track recorder ro record the audio seperatly..

    Im just worried that i will not be able to get the audio to sync with the video when editing it on the computer? I have alot of expensive software liek cubase , wave lab, sound forge etc

    can anyone help atall or give any advice ? even on vid cams

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    The Canon, like any mini DV camcorder can record PCM at 48 kHz, 16 bits which is as good as a CD. So why would you want to get a separate recorder, unless your going to multi-track and mix it later. With a piano and violin, whichever method you're going to use (XY, MS or individual mics) you're only going to end up with 2 tracks, so why not put them straight into the camcorder?

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    I just thought that you had to record mpeg layer 2? I just presumed this was lower quality than CD?

    Also do you know if theres a stero jack mic input for the camera or is mono?


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    For information like this it's often best to go to the manufacturer's website. To save you the trouble of googling it, here's the link.

    Canon UK - HV20

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    I'm no expert on sound but if you want to record separately it shouldn't be a problem. Using something like a Fostex FR 2LE would give you a much higher sampling and bit rate if you need it eg for post production work.

    You could use a clapper board, flashlight or hand clap as a guide to sync the sound and picture when you are editing. Or you could record sound to the onboard mic on the camera and line up the waveforms in your NLE until the echo disappears on playback.

    I wouldn't worry about syncing. It's easy.

    Would worry more about the levels when you are recording. An operator for the sound recorder would be useful unless you have got lots of time to play around and the musicians are patient/trusting.

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    Thanks for all the help..I just have one more question as someone from anothe furum has confuesed me totaly .
    I have found out that there is a stereo mic input so in my book...
    I can record two mics in to my mixing desk, then send my mixing desk output to the camera using a stero jack adapter..ok that would mean i would get a true stereo sound.

    someone in another furum has said
    "Not without some serious jury rigging. It would have to be a y connector and you couldn't keep the channels that separate as I can tell."

    does anyone have any feedback on this?


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    oh by the way,
    id actualy tried canon site

    Canon do not have any numbers for tech guys and the spec on the page doesnt help me atall.. it just says mic input! rurrrrrrr

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaz E View Post
    .....someone in another furum has said "Not without some serious jury rigging. It would have to be a y connector and you couldn't keep the channels that separate as I can tell."......
    Tosh. You can take the audio feeds and by wiring the stereo jack plug going into the camera correctly send one instrument to the left and the other to the right. This will mean they are effectively mono signals of course, but you'll be able to mix them together again in post if you have a half decent s/w.

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    Default RE: Recording Video and Audio seperatly!!!

    Yes! Nice information that you have shared with us.

    Thank you very much!

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