I have provided a short edited DV film to a friend for hosting on his website. At the moment we cannot get the film to successfully play through his site. Here is the process used:-

1] 1gb .avi file (from DV footage edited in Liquid 6) converted to 42mb .wmv using YASAVideoConverter

2] .wmv file uploaded to filehosting site ('FileZilla')

3] Website given correct path to uploaded .wmv ready for when client visitor wants to access it


Upon testing the uploaded .wmv file on the website owner's home computer: 'Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file'. This apprears after WMP loads, and file 'buffers' and seems about to play.

However, the .wmv file plays with no problems on the same computer before it is uploaded to the website. I have also tested the same file directly from memory stick and via the website on 3 more computers with exactly the same results (file plays fine on its own, WMP error message via the site).

I have spoken to the company responsible for the 'media' area of my friend's website, and they tell me that the uploaded file plays fine at their end... which leaves me rather stumped.


The reason for converting the original .avi file is for size and practical purposes. At first I made a 90mb .mpeg2 file in good quality, but while FileZilla seemed to accept and recognised it as a 'Movie Clip', it would not play to website visitors when we arranged the link (WMP just seemed to hang, and I think the WMP error message appeared then also).

This .mpeg2 file was converted from the .avi through SUPER, using both AC3 and mp3 audio codecs in an attempt to get it to work.

Because my friend has always made successful, accessible uploads of his earlier films edited in Windows Movie Maker as 'Windows Media Audio/Video' files, I thought I would try and mirror this and converted my .avi to a .wmv with SUPER. However the results were corrupted each time with bad artifacts (blocking, stuttering) regardless of the bitrate applied. Also when I attempted to use the .wma audio codec SUPER refused to convert.

I then used YASAVideoConverted and made a range of good quality .wmv files in different bitrates. The .wma audio codec was not available, so I decided upon mp3. While these files play great on their own, once uploaded via the website there is this WMP error message every time.

One last thing, when I have dragged the .wmv files into G-SPOT, only appearing results are in 'container': 'FILE TYPE: ASF (.WMA/.WMV), MIME TYPE: video/x-ms-asf (no video/audio codec info...?).

That is the full story so far... can anyone shed some light as to what is going on, and how we can fix this?

Appreciate any help.