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Thread: concert sound problem

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    Default concert sound problem

    hello to every1
    greetings from croatia

    i have a problem with recording audio on concerts.
    the thing is i connected my jvc everio 575 to master audio of the club where the concert was.
    cabel goes in the external mic jack (3,5mm)

    when i experimented at home on my pc it worked great, but only when i lowered volume significantly. anything louder produced significate noise.

    i tried to connect it on a psy trance party 4 days ago and the sound was terrible. i could hear the music but the noise was louder.
    two days ago i tryed again on a concert, had a talk with the sound man, we tryed to lower volume as much as possible, and the results were better but far from perfect.

    does any1 know what to do? any advice how to connect properly?
    can i repair this via software?

    tnx in advance and sorry if topic was allreasy posted.
    also apologies for my lousy english

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    It's very rare that you can correct audio problems with software.
    It sounds like you are trying to put "line" level audio into a microphone level input.
    I don't know the eqipment you're using but try to change the output at the venue to "mic" or the input on your camcorder to "line" or use the "line" socket on your camcorder, if there is one.
    You need to end up with both input and output at the same level, preferably "line".

    Failing that you might have to use a "pad" which reduces the line level to mic level.

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    no i dont have line socket on my camera, so i guess i'll try to put 'mic' out on master audio at the future gigs
    hope this will solve my problem

    worse thing is i dont have headphones jack on my camera so i cant hear whats going on

    thanks for your answer

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    It's very unlikely that you will find a mic level output on a sound desk. You will need to attenuate or 'pad' the line out of the desk before it gets to your mic level input.

    Try and find one of these and a suitable adaptor:
    20-961 IN-LINE ATTENUATOR 60dB 600 ohms

    Good luck and get some cans (headphones).

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    another way to do that is via a DI box. like this:

    Behringer ULTRA-DI DI100 at DV247.COM

    Plug the line-level output from your desk into the line in on the DI and then take the XLR out which is at mic level and plug it into your camera mic in. (You will need to get a cable that does XLR to whatever the camera mic in is)

    It also has a couple of PAD buttons in case your line out is really hot.

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