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Thread: how to convert .avi to .flv?

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    Default how to convert .avi to .flv?

    How can I convert .avi files into .flv files 1to1?

    I have tried it with adobe's video encoder program. The converting process goes well but when I play the video in a player the width is not correct (smaller). The height seems to be allright. I did not change anything at the size of the output configuration section.

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    I use VisiFly and havn't any problen with convertion...

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    Be sure your player manufactured to recognize and support the result file/extension/codec of your transcode result.

    You can also try a free utility called mediacoder - it works well for me transcoding all I have so far tried.

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    more information here

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    If you have got AE and flash (if you havnt download a trail), here is how to do it so the ratio etc stays exactly the same:

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    I have used the Adobe Flash Video Encoder and have had some problems with encoding 30 programs. I recommend the Sworenson Spark package. That seems to work great.

    But as the above posts say- you can use the free trial of the Adobe flash or the mediacoder for free. (I'd try those first )
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    Also I heard that Video To Flash Converter is very good tool to convert avi->flv....

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    You can use Any Video Converter Free version to convert AVI to FLV, the program is completely free and can convert all most all kinds of video format to FLV, WMV, AVI, MPEG1 and MPEG2. And you can also download and convert youtube or google video at the same time.

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    Thumbs up Any Video Converter Free Version

    Can try dieinparadise's suggestion. Any Video Converter is a really good shareware to convert AVI to FLV.
    Any Video DVD Converter is a professional video converter which can convert any format video files and YouTube clips with fast speed and excellent video quality.

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