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Thread: Steadicam advice please

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    Default Steadicam advice please

    Hi, I'm a newbie to this site but have to say I've found more good advice in a couple of days here that I've found in the last six months elsewhere - many thanks.

    I recently purchased the JVC GZ-HD7 camcorder being aware of the reports on it's very poor optical image stabilisation results. I planned to overcome the problem by using a decent tripod. This works fine for the occasions where a tripod is a viable option BUT (of course) using a tripod is not always an option.

    I also use a monopod and suction mount (for filming from the car etc.)

    Having looked at the Manfrotto modosteady I considered this until I read some reviews which suggest it's expensive and not much better that just hand-holding the camcorder.

    Can anyone suggest a small solution to my camera shake issues, please?

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    Here is an article I read awhile back.. I think it can help you.

    Stabilization-Tools and Techniques

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    You might want to conceder a steadycam or a glidecam, you can also find plans on the web on how to build your own

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