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    Default Magix Movie Edit Pro 2004

    Anyone used it/got it? I've just got hold of it and it seems OK but I'm having trouble working out how to capture video and audio together. I can capture the video without a problem but each time I do this there is no sign of the audio.

    I'm using an analogue camcorder and, to my knowledge, I have all the right leads etc in the right connections. If anyone has any experience of Magix Movie Edit Pro 2004 I'd appreciate any help/advice. Cheers

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    Right, let's start at the very beginning Have you connected the audio cable to the audio in of your soundcard/motheboard or capture device? If yes, have you ensured the "audio in" is enabled (Start > Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices > Advanced, make sure the mute box isn't ticked next to "line in").

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    Hi, Thanks for the reply. I have got my audio cable in the right connection in the soundcard and I've checked Sounds and Audio Devices and everything seems fine there. The problem I have seems strange as I've never had any problem capturing audio/video before when I've used Movie Maker 2 going through the same capture/sound cards.

    There is a minor amount of audio going through when I capture through Magix Movie Edit Pro 2004 but it's no more than a hissing sound. I only got Magix Movie Edit Pro 2004 a few days ago so I dare say there is something I might have overlooked. If you could think of anything else please let me know! Cheers.

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    Try the Magix forum -, then follow the links through Support, then Forums.

    The US forum has a section for MEP, but the UK forum does not.

    I use VD2 which is the predecessor to MEP and it's great (once you get used to it's quirks).

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    Fixed the URL

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