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    Default Frame Editing Vegas 8

    I need to fix some of the background in a small piece of video. Is there a way to edit each frame as if it were a photogragh and then put it back into video?

    I have some background that needs to be cloned because it is missing in some areas. So can I take the piece of video and put it in Photoshop, fix the background and put it back in vegas?

    Or is there a better easier more correct way to perform this?

    Sony Vegas 8

    Any help appreciated.

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    Your suggested method would work but see later. Create an image of each frame by displaying it in the preview window (Best resolution) and clicking the "save" button (looks like a floppy disk) above it. This will save a jpg. After fixing, import the amended photos for exactly one frame each.

    Quicker is to put video with the correct background on a higher track, open up pan & crop on that event, select the "mask" check box at the bottom of the window and draw a frame around the corrected portion. If the corrected portion is not in exactly the same place as on the "target" video, all is not lost - use track motion on the corrected portion to move it to the correct place.

    I realise this is just a quick hint rather than a tutorial - search help for "Bezier Mask" and you'll get more detail.

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    There is an option in V& pro and lower to export a sequence from the time line as individual pictures, as in a Still Image sequence.

    In fact there is a tutorial to do such a thing in You tube

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