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    Now I'm using TMPGEnc DVD Author to make the Video_TS and Audio_TS folders, they don't seem to burn. I have tried burning using 3 or 4 different softwares and don't understand the problem. I have created an ISO image using TMPGEnc DVD Author and burning that doesn't work either.

    Please help

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    Have you been able to burn "anything" to a DVD? It could be incompatable media.

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    I've burned a few using neoDVD but I can only use the "Better" quality tab instead of the "Best" one so it comes out really bad. I've also copied a few DVDs as well, but I still have these 2 MPEG files on my computer and I need them burned for safekeeping and backup. I've got the ISO (don't know how to check if it works) and the Video_TS Audio_TS folders separately from the MPEGs but no program seems to burn them.

    I'm using an LG DVD-Rewriter with DVD-RAM support.

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