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Thread: ULEAD Media Studio Pro 8 Changing Audio Track Volumes?

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    Default ULEAD Media Studio Pro 8 Changing Audio Track Volumes?

    Hi all,

    I've bee struggling with this one all day. I have some video recorded by a cam corder, and some music recorded separately. Unfortunately the music is a lot louder than the cam corder audio.

    I have put all the camcorder tracks in track 1 and the music in track 2. Now I have tried changing the master levels in the Audio mixing pannel, but when i play back the movie in the preview window, the audio has not changed. if I play the movie using the audio play button, the audio levels have changed, but when i create a final movie file it is as if the settings were never there, and the cam corder audio is still as low as it ever was?! It is as if the audio mixing panel isnt doing anything?

    Any help would be graciously appreciated!

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    grrrr ... I just want to boost the volume on a track why is this so hard! ... tearing hair out here!

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    ... Can no one help?

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    I know the Audio Mixer is a problematic area of MSP8. Unfortunately, I haven't got MSP8 open in front of me as I type this, so bear with me.....

    Have you applied your changes? On the Audio mixer toolbar there is a little tick box on the far right to apply the changes to the Timeline audio tracks.

    Also on individual tracks (not sure about the master?) there is a little pencil which enables recording the adjustments and IIRC accessing the options menu (for the mixer) has other settings that affect both this "recording" button as well as other stuff (sorry if that last bit is a bit vague!)

    Hope that is of some help...

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