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Thread: how do I create the sliding intro text

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    Default how do I create the sliding intro text

    Hi Guys I am totally new in Video Editing.

    I do I create the introduction text that is usually placed before a documentary begins ?

    Do i create it with Premiere or After effect ?

    Here is a sample
    ImageShack - Hosting :: slidtextne6.jpg

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    Premiere Elements has a facility to do this. It depends on which version you're using.

    Premiere has moving and still titles, and you can choose the characteristics that best suit what you want it to look like.

    For still text, I just use a blank black bitmap image of the same size as the video frame (720x576 for PAL, not sure what it is for NTSC). Type in the text using whatever picture editor you have, then import it to the project, place it on a video track above your main footage.

    If you want the video to show through the title text, use the Luma key to make the black transparent.
    You can also do the same thing using a green image, and use the green screen key to make it transparent.
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