Hi all,

First post for me. I need help with some old mini DV tapes.

I have a Canon MV20i (8 years old) and about 4 years ago I dropped it and it broke.

I sent it for repair and it was returned with a successful repair.

Unfortunately the video on the miniDV tapes I shot with it before it broke, is now all pixellated and blocky when played back now.

Prior to the repair they played back no problem at all.

I've tried the usual stuff - head cleaning etc, but they still remain blocky when played back with audio problems.

The strange thing is, is that when I pause the camcorder the paused frames appear normal - no pixellation or blocks, and when I fast rewind/fast forward there is again no pixellation or blocks.

Like I said any help appreciated, I've tried the tapes on a friend's machine and the problem isn't quite as pronounced.

The footage is precious to me, and I'd like to get it off the camcorder and on to DVD.

Best regards