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    Hey Guys,
    I'm recording video and audio in a race car for a movie I'm making. The car is loud, windnoise, and has alot of vibration obviously. What kind of microphone is good for this kind of enviroment?
    Thanks for your help.

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    It's not so much the microphone as the ways it's positioned, the mount you use and the method of keeping the wind off the capsule, in that order, none of which can be explained in a simple sentence.

    You'll have to narrow it down a lot more into specific situations, then maybe we can help.

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    Well we are trying to record engine noise from inside the car and keep the wind and vibration noise down. This is a track car, so it had no windows and it stripped out.
    Like would a directional microphone be a good idea?

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    Like I said before, it's not the microphone as much as where it's placed. You're asking the equivelant of "I want to sound like Eric Clapton, which guitar should I buy?"

    The term "directional microphone" is a bit misleading as they are only directional in the mid and high frequencies. Wind noise and vibration are at the lower frequencies, so a directional microphone won't help. Also shotgun microphones are more susceptable to handling noise than an omnidirectional.

    Your best bet would be placing one dynamic mic in the engine compartment and another at the rear of the car, near the exhaust. Bearing in mind the high sound levels, you'll probably have to attenuate the signal.

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