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Thread: screen size problem

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    Unhappy screen size problem

    This problem is driving me mad. I have had a number of Super 8mm and Standard 8mm cine films professionally converted to VOB files. I have subsequently edited these, added titles, soundtracks, fades, and in some cases, subtitles. All with no problem - I have been editing DVDs for some years. When these movies are shown on TV in either 16.9 or 4.3 format there is a black bar down each side of the picture. All other aspects (clarity, resolution, audio etc) are excellent.

    I have edited the IFO files on the PC before burning with DVD Decrypter, and tried all combinations for the domain stream attributes without success. The annoying thing is that all converted movies play full screen from the master disk supplied by the company who converted them from celluloid. I've tried setting the IFO files to match those of the master but without success. Anyone any ideas?

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    You probably have more editing experience than I so I am typing simple stuff as I think through this - I mean no disrespect.

    Things like this are why I always urge folk to keep their captured home tape movies in the raw .avi or mpeg files archived against future need. As you know, every transcoding step like vob back to mpeg can cause loss and do things to video files.

    Unknown here is what equipment was used to project your old film movies so they could be captured and converted to digital??? What was the original capture file type? Are they still in business so you can inquire?

    Super8 and regular 8mm film "movie" cameras always captured in 4:3 or 3:2 (in my experience) so assume the "pros" captured them as such as mpeg files.

    If the vob dvd content plays perfectly on your tv then one must assume something happens during your "rip" or transcode. Since these files shouldn't be copy protected encrypted may I suggest that instead of using Decrypter have you tried other simple but power transcode utilities like mediacoder.

    It's free - kim commando (digital goddess) recommends it on her site - and I have yet to find a file it won't single step transcode.

    Also, ULead Video Studio will open and work with .vob files (not encrypted) without the rip step so you could try downloading the free Video Studio trial and give it a go.

    Keep us posted - can't imagine why you have experiencing your problem but as you know folk here will solve it for you.

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    Thanks Imjay. I have downloaded mediacoder and will see what difference this makes. Since posting the original query a strange development has occured. I had the opportunity to watch one of my discs on a friends TV. This disc had 16.9 and pan & scan set as the only stream attributes. On my friends's TV it played full screen! with the TV option set to either 16.9, 'widescreen' or 'full'. On my set I still had the black side bars. perhaps the problem lies with either my TV or my DVD player (Sony DVP-NS300).

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