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Thread: Studio Plus 11.1 Problem

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    Default Studio Plus 11.1 Problem

    I'm new to the board and have a problem with Studio. Using either RCA video or S-VHS inputs and USB out to computer, the video freezes when I click the start capture button. Anyone have a possible solution?

    Thanks, Jerry

  2. Default Composite inputs to Studio 11- Freezing

    Hi Jerry
    Sorry to hear of your problem, what converter or internal card are you

    using to capture your analogue video. Studio 11 is the best program Pinnacle

    ( Avid) have ever produced and I regularly input VHS, S-VHS, Video 8, HI 8 and

    even VHS-C without any bother. Give me a little more information about your

    equipment used for capturing your analogue video and I will try and 'suss' out

    the problem.

    best regards

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    Thanks for the reply Snobbie45. I have the Pinnacle Studio 11 Plus with upgrade 11.1.1, external I/O box. It worked great for the first 2 months and then I started getting unstable video from all of my sources, Panasonic VHS, Sony Pro SVHS, and my Canon F1000S Prosumer SVHS Camera.

    I contacted Pinnacle and I went through ALL there remedies to no avail. I sent the unit back to them and got a new one. This box had stable video until I clicked the start capture button at which time the video would freeze and record perfectly one frame.

    I am in the process of uninstalling the software and reinstalling. I like the program but am getting frustrated with the glitches and the crumby support from Pinnacle.

    Thanks for any input you may throw my way.

    Regards, Jerry

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    Hi Jerry,
    From your reply I gather you are using a Pinnacle external USB AV/DV Box, I think you

    are right that your program my have been 'corrupted'. But don't unstall it with out getting the

    download from Pinnacle which cleans all the old Pinnacle Studio files from your computers

    Registry. If you just Delete the program using 'Windows Uninstall' there are still files left in

    the Registry.

    I used an internal Pinnacle AV/DV PCI card for 7 years with pinnacle V8, 9, and 9+ before

    upgrading my computer which now uses Vista with Pinnacle 11.1 It is completely stable and

    I now input any Composite inputs just using a DV camcorder with 'AV pass through' the

    quality is still excellent, especially if I use my S-VHS Panasonic VCR which has TBC.

    I hope this info is of some help to you, and wish you well in solving the 'Freeze Up' problem.

    Best regards Brian

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    Brian, I did run the Reg Delete from Pinnacle and haven't re-installed Pinnacle yet. I have actually gone through this 4 times so far to get the unit and software to work. I am using Pinnacle 11 Plus with the 11.1.1 upgrade and external box. The original box developed a pass thru broblem and I got a new one from Pinnacle.

    I may have to invest in an internal Pinnacle model. I have a friend that uses an older version and has never had a Problem.

    After I re-install the beast and test it I'll post the results.

    Regards, Jerry

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    did you have any luck with this?


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    kkapp, no joy on the re-install. The video is now unstable and freezes when the start capture button is clicked. All connections, cables, USB cables and newest upgrade in drivers has not helped, nor has Pinnacle support. I have reverted back to using my Samsung DVD recorder and then take it into Pinnacle editing software. I give up on the Pinnacle hardware and the company.

    Thanks for the input guys..........Jerry

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    well, I managed to get it to work. I had to turn off my anti virus software. After that it works just fine. guess it was using to much resources.

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    I spoke too soon, back to freezing up intermittenly

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