This is Sony Vaio Desktop specifically set up and used for Video Editing. It is a

Pentium 4, 1.8 with 2 - 80GB Hard Drives, one of which is partitioned for

completed projects. It comes complete with Sony Active Speakers, 17'' CRT

monitor, A Pinnacle AV/DV PCI card with AV Break-out Box with Composite

connections in and out, incl S sockets.

Pinnacle 9.4 Plus is installed with original Discs and Manual. The Sony 3 Original

Restore Discs ( Restore XP Home Media Centre) or any individual Sony Programs

that are installed. Full Manual and all leads are available.

A completely Stable machine used to Edit many complete films and Burn to Disc,

- Never 1 coaster in all the Disc Burns!

A Great computer for the Newbie , Price 180 Perthshire , Scotland