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Thread: #ing Canopus and Premier Pro AGH!!!!!

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    Default #ing Canopus and Premier Pro AGH!!!!!

    I wish these companies would get their act together and produce drivers/plug-ins that work properly and are easy to configure!!!

    Can anyone please suggest a solution for the below issue before I throw the PC out the window...

    I cannot view playback in monitor window on the PC or hear the audio but if I use the Video/Audio out plugs on the Canopus front bay and connect it to an old Comp vid (Amiga) monitor its plays & sounds fine? (during playback) I know its a canopus issue as if I create a new project and use standard DV instead of Canopus DV it works fine on the PC's monitor....

    I am sure that I am missing something but reading both manuals has not provided a solution.

    Thanks in advance,
    Jim :cry:

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    I'm not so sure you are missing something tbh.

    I've picked up vibes that the Canopus driver are 'less than solid' for Premiere Pro. Doesn't say much for their chances at v1.5 eh?

    However, take this with a small pinch of salt at best because these vibes it's sourced from the Matrox community

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    Been talking to someone today who advised of known issues with the combination of graphics/capture card and advises to try another make such as ATI's 9800pro as someone he knew could not get the Matrox P650 to overlay video properly (or at all) when using the Canopus card. He resolved it by fitting the mentioned ATI card and it worked straight away. I would be a shame to leave Matrox as we have used them from the G450 upwards although we have always had the overlay issues but blamed Canopus.

    I will let you know if the new card thats on order does the job.


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    Good news update: Seems someone in matrox knows how to solve this problem after searching their forums for help.

    Below taken from their site: If anyone else gets this problem this will help

    Products - Parhelia Series, Millennium P Series

    Yes it will provided you use the following steps with our driver 1.04.03 and above:

    - Open Matrox PowerDesk-HF
    - Click Help
    - Click Troubleshooting Settings
    - Enable "Flip video overlay on VSync"
    - Click "Apply" for the changes to take effect

    All I need to do now is get the audio to work on playback, its on the motherboard rather than a dedicated one. Again works fine without Canopus plugin being used.


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    Looking up! Keep us update

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    Default At last!

    Well it all seems that patience and persistance pays off (and a bit of luck!!)

    Video Overlay works
    Audio works
    DV Capture works
    Export to Canopus Mpeg encoder (doing it now!!)

    Its amazing how good it feels to finally see and end to these problems but I have a feeling there will be plenty more where these came from!!

    Thanks again for all you advice and help.

    If anyone is having problems with similar hardware setups you never know I may even be able to help.


    ASUS P4C800 Delux
    2.8Ghz P4
    Canopus DVstorm2 Pro
    Matrox P650 dualhead 64mb

    Editing via Premier Pro (not 1.5 yet though)


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    Its amazing how good it feels to finally see and end to these problems but I have a feeling there will be plenty more where these came from!!
    I know that feeling. Sometimes I swear I subconsciously muck up to have the opportunity to solve a problem

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