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Thread: XL1 users/canon l lens users.....

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    Question XL1 users/canon l lens users.....

    I would first like to say hi as I am new here.
    Well I am into wildlife photography so I have some long tele's but I want to buy a canon xl and xl-ef converter so I can get into some wildlife videography.

    My first question is what's the quality like using say an xl1 and a canon telephoto l lens how does it compare to what I drool over on bbc's natural world?
    Would the xl-1 be ok for wildlife?
    Will an ef lens still autofocus on a xl-1 and if so how well compared to an slr (350d/30d.. )?
    How much can I get a second hand xl-1 for without a lens as I have a load of ef ones?
    Were is the best place to look for them? (uk)
    Is it easy to get the video from the camera to say.. my laptop?

    Sorry for all the questions and any help greatly appreciated.

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    1. Good but not that good.
    2. Yes.
    3. No - dont think so - ask canon.
    4. Without a lens - no chance.
    5. Ebay (doh)
    6. Very easy - play in via fire wire.

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