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    I want to capture home video from my analogue camcorder, tidy up the video, put in some effects and burn to DVD. Iíve purchased a Video Xpress capture device from ADSTech. The problem is that I canít get the video capture software that came with the device to work. So Iíve downloaded several standalone video capture software programs.

    My question is about the miriad settings that are available in these programs. For example how do I know which settings I should be using, for things like AVI, compression or not, colour space, audio format Etc.

    Can anyone tell me what settings are best for capturing video for home use. I know some of the leading video editing programs such as Ulead try to make it simple but will I get better results using a standalone capture program and tweaking the settings. Iím in the UK so am PAL based. Alternatively are there any written documents available on-line that can explain all these different settings.

    Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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    Choose one piece of SW and try and get that to work. Just take all the defaults to start with and see how it goes. google your software and look for help that way.
    I use ULEAD movie factory 6 plus. Download a trial version and see how you get on with it

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    Thanks for that. I'm an inquisitive sort of person and want to know all the ins and outs. A large amount of questions posted on this forum are from newcomers to video editing like me. I just think that with all the experience there seems to be here it would really be useful if there was some documentation that explained all the acronyms, compression options, colour spaces etc., and some suggested setups for home video capture and editing.

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