I use an AMD 1700+/Krypton Mobo/128 MB/ Seagate 20 gb/WinME/Pinnacle PCTV STEREO in my system.

I also use Sony Vegas 4.0e for small video/text transition effects and titling with DivX 5.2 pro codec.

My problem is, when a transition is created and rendered to avi using Vegas with DivX codec, It plays without any problem in all players. But, when I convert that avi file to mpg(pal or ntsc), the transition will be missing and I will get only plain video clips without transitions.

For example, if i put a flying title on some video clip and rendered to (divx) avi, it plays nice when it is played in all Media players. But the same when converted into an mpeg(pal or ntsc), the converted mpg file plays well, but all my text transitions gone. The title will be present in mpg, but with no transitions.

This problem will not be there when i use other codecs for rendering(like indeo 5.2 etc). But because their rendering quality will be poor, i prefer divx codec.

I use "avi to vcd/svcd/dvd" convertion program which do support divx avi conversions.

What might be the problem?

this is my first post here, hope the experts here will solve my problem.