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Thread: Best Laptop for Video editing

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    Default Best Laptop for Video editing

    Hi, can anyone advise me. I am looking for a laptop for Video editing, digital imaging, and web use. I would prefer windows over Mac.
    I have narrowed it down to..

    Dell XPSM130.
    Toshiba Saterlite p2001EE
    Sony VGN FZ21E.
    Any other laptops any other suggestions
    my Budget is 700?
    I would appreciate any advice
    many Thanks

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    The best laptop for video editing ? A desk top!

    Most 700 laptops will struggle with video editing - sure it will work but editing needs power, lots of power and spec for spec a laptop is only about half as powerfull as a desk top.

    Must you use a laptop?

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    Default Laptop For Video Editing.

    The answer in short is Yes. I relise it may not be a quick as a desk top but it will suit my needs more.

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    Any More advice please on Laptop for video editing would be appreciated.

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    I use a Fujitsu laptop for editing when I'm at work and can't use my home machine. (I've got a lazy job - I can get away with it) The spec is 3Ghz, 2gb ram 40gb hd windows XP. Runs Vegas perfectly well. Just be sure it has a firewire socket for capturing. The ram in mine when I bought it was 512 - I upgraded which you might have to as well.

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