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    Feeling a little bit 'Chuffed' tonight, I have just managed to burn a DVD in Studio 11, nothing fantastic about that? Well it was HD Video at 1080p! Ok so it was only 5. 5 minutes and I did run out of memory just towards the end, but it did save it, so I just restarted the computer again, finished of the 'transitions' and burned the disk in about 8 minutes.
    It is a bit strange because you don't get any preview picture but nevertheless the disc is burned and colour printed with a title and 'DVD Video' logo.
    I shall go to bed happy now. I played it back on a Phillips 'Upscalling' DVD player and it looked fantastic!

    Night all

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    Brian - did you burn on a regular DVD to the AVHCD (whatever!!! - hehe) and it played on an up-converter player....or....did you burn a regular DVD. Curious as I just got an HD Camera, and of course, I don't have an HD burner or player, but we do have an HD TV?

    Does my question make sense?

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    Hi Alley,

    Regarding my little 'experiment' with HD 1000p files! It started when I

    a series of WMV HD files on the Microsoft web site, there are quite a selection

    both in 720 and 1000p. I downloaded a few just to see what they would look

    like on my 24inch HDMI Monitor. They looked fantastic, just like some of the

    'Demos' you see. The clips vary between 90 seconds up to 3mins, the one about

    the Great Barrier Reef is Superb but they are all pretty good. After I had watched

    them play a few times at full res on the computer ( in windows media player)

    I decided I would try a little experiment to see if they would load in Studio 11.

    I didn't think there was much chance with them being wmv HD files, but 'Viola'

    Studio brought them in as widescreen clips! I put the first one on the timeline,

    then brought the other two in, one at a time. It only took about five minutes to

    have them all in, then came the task of putting some 'Black title clips' between

    each HD clip and put simple Hollywood FX simple fades either side, The NVIDEA

    8500GT graphics card was going 'like the clappers' rendering the changes as the

    transitions were entered. I got right to the last transition, a window opened, 'NO

    MEMORY' OH NO, WHAT NOW. There was no alternative but to shut down and

    and restart. Studio immediately reopened as if nothing had happened, except

    there was a small window opened asking if Iwanted to continue the'Previous

    Project' nothing lost, said yes and the whole timeline reopened exactly where

    I left off. I finished it off , stuck a 4.7Gb DVD-R printable disc in the burner, 'How

    confident was I' and went to make Disc. The total time was only about 6 mins

    but it was after all an experiment! about 8 or 9 minutes later out popped the

    DVD, I couldn't wait to put it in the Cheap Phillips DVD player ( with upscalling

    and HDMI connection) and played it on my Sony LCD HD TV in our lounge.

    Absolutely Fantastic!! Took a still from the Barrier Reef Clip put it in to my epson

    Software to make a Coloured print with a title, load the disc in the Printer, print

    it, all done in under an hour!!

    Alley, you must give it a try!

    Go to www.wmvhd for the selection of free HD clips which are in WMV

    Hope it works out as well for you as it did for me


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    Thanks Brian. I've had a quick look and I bookmarked the page. I'll have a closer look when I get back from vacation.

    Oh, I had to add .com to the end of the link in case you want to edit the post.

  5. Default Alley - Error in web address

    Sorry give you the wrong web address!

    It is WMVHD content showcase ( they have to be 'Capitals' where


    Sorry about that

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