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Thread: Capture Clueless, VCR transfer onto PC

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    Red face Capture Clueless, VCR transfer onto PC

    Hello , I am looking for a device in which I can transfer my old videotapes (from my VCR)onto my computer to edit, so I can add them to a showreel.

    I am told the Pinnacle Studio 500 USB, will do the trick. But I am on a budget and I am looking for good quality, but not too expensive.

    Can anyone tell me if this is a good product or what other alternative products I might try?

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    Try downloading one or several of the free trial versions of Pinnacle, Adobe or ULead software.

    USB should be okay with low res analog video from old tapes and passive transfer adapters abound for just a few dollars or pounds to connect your old video player to the usb port on your computer.

    The adapter/device should come with simple instructions to allow transfer and capture.

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    at my company, they use an AJA deck with a vcr connected to that. but AJA boxes are pricy. whatever u use. make sure its firewire 400 or 800 for a steady clip capture.

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