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Thread: Using laptop as a monitor

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    Default Using laptop as a monitor

    Hi everyone,

    I am very new to video editing, but I am learning, albeit very slowly.

    I have two problems that I would greatly appreciate help in resolving. The two problems are very similar in nature, but I realise that the solutions may be very different for each. I also realise that Problem 2 does not really belong in this thread and my apologies for including it, but I was hoping the answer to problem 1 may also solve problem 2.

    Problem 1.

    I would like to use my laptop (Dell Inspiron 1520 running Windows XP) to view full screen "live footage" from my JVC mini-dv camcorder. I can view "live" pictures on the laptop screen, but only in a window which will not expand from its tiny 80mm x 65mm size. I have the camcorder connected to the laptop via fire wire cable.

    Problem 2.
    I use a Canon 20D digital stills camera. It would be very helpful if I could use my laptop to view full screen each shot immediately after it was taken. The Canon 20D connects to the laptop via USB.

    I look forward to receiving your positive feedback and help.


    Ian C

  2. Default Problems 1 and 2

    Hi Ian C

    Both problems are related in a sense. To get both your Video to play

    Full Screen Video and also the same for your Photos from your digital camera

    you are going to to need a couple of programs assuming your laptop has

    sufficient memory. Regarding a program for your digital photos, you can get a

    free program like Piccasso 2 which is available from the Google web site, this will

    also catalogue your photos and can carry out basic corrections.

    If you also use a 'search engine' on the web you will probably obtain a free

    suitable video editing program which has the option of full screen playback.

    If you want to buy a commercial program, then Pinnacle Studio does full screen


    Hopes this info helps

    Regards Brian

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    Hi Brian,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I will definitely try the Piccasso 2 program for my stills, especially as I have an 8 month old granddaughter that I photograph on a regular basis. As you will probably appreciate children of that age are constantly moving, let alone looking at the camera and being able to check each shot as it is recorded will be great.

    As for the video problem I should have stated in my initial thread that I do currently have Pinnacle Studio Plus v10.8 installed on another PC which is used for editing. Guess I will just have to keep using the small viewing screen on my video camera unless I am able to find free software as you suggest, although I am prepared to pay a reasonable fee to get such software.

    Once again thank you for help. It is greatly appreciated.


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