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Thread: Canon mv750i AV Input Helmet Camera

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    Cool Canon mv750i AV Input Helmet Camera

    Hi all, i've bought an old Canon mv750i in order to use it as camcorder linked to an helmet camera (4kam). I have a doubt, i can only record to SD Card when i put in VCR mode, is it possible to record directly to tape ? And it only records in 320 resolution? Doesn't record in higher resolution??


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    Yes - you should be able to record to tap at he full dv bit rate / res,

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    Mark thanks... well my manual don't have english and neither my language that's why i was forced to bother you... i've already discovered how to put it work, trying to read in french...

    i have to link it to AV IN/OUT, put it on VCR mode, open the side screen, push a button "...REC PAUSE", then hit PLAY and it starts to record to tape... didn't pass it to pc or didn't see it on tv already, but this weekend ill test it.

    thanks a lot. i was affraid that i bought something that didnt work as my priority idea but now it works fine...


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