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Thread: my karaoke skill

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    Default my karaoke skill

    I try to train my karaoke skill. Please rate and comment me


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    There was one camera position, on a table with a half-eaten meal in the foreground and a couple of kids, just about in frame in the background. The composition was very poor since we only saw the back of the kids or maybe, if we were lucky, a profile. We never saw a frontal shot. In the same way there was something occuring on a television screen in the background but the TV was so overexposed and small that we can't see what's going on.

    The sound balance was awful. The singers were overmodulating and occasionally distorted, we couldn't hear the backing music at all.

    There was so much "wrong" with it that I can't go though a list of how to make it better, sorry, I really suggest that you read a "basic video" book.

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    Default name that tune

    Also I think it's Last THING on my mind...

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    The Guru

    Thank for your advise. You're right I have to read basic video book.
    I will try again


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