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Thread: Help with removing top line of AVI pixels

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    Default Help with removing top line of AVI pixels

    I have almost finished a short film in Liquid Edition 6, but when I play the fused (i.e. resultant AVI file) in any media player, there is a visibly distracting horizontal flickering line of pixels right at the very top of picture.

    I have already raised the question in the past of just why Liquid Edition 6 fuses projects in 'underscan', which I believe is linked to this problem. This means that whenever I make an AVI from my footage, the file plays in all media players the same size as is shown in Liquid when underscan mode is on. I never resolved this issue - I did not want my AVIs to be played as 'underscan'... I wanted 'overscan' as it should be - but have given up on this software version now anyway and this is one of my final projects before it is uninstalled.

    So I accept my AVI here will be seen as Liquid displays it in underscan mode - now my only problem is how to eliminate this flickering top line.

    My question: Can I complete my work in Liquid 6 and make an AVI of my film, then 'import' same into a different editor, crop or zoom out the flickering line, and make 'new' AVI with no loss of quality?

    My concern is that the flickering line is NOT seen in the Liquid viewing window, yet it appears in ALL media players upon fusing. Leads me to believe Liquid isn't performing correctly, and giving media players trouble with playback.

    Importing, fixing and exporting in, say, Vegas, would fix this?
    Thank you for any help.

    PS My footage is firewire ingest from Canon XM2. I have found the same 'underscanning' problem with footage from several different cameras, all having this ugly line at the top of AVIs when played in any media player.

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    Yes you can.

    Depending on the codecs used there could be a very very small loss in quality.

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