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Thread: I have a bunch of old audio/video equipment...

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    Default I have a bunch of old audio/video equipment...

    My friend/bandmate had a job moving last summer and somebody had a bunch of old equipment that they said he could just throw out, so of course he figured he may as well just keep it. Its been sitting in his basement since, every once and a while we bring up selling it but we havent gotten around to it until now. If someone could be so kind as to give me some advice as to how to sell this, and if its even worth selling I would appreciate it. I've done a fair amount of ebay sales and used craigslist a couple times. Anyway below are links to the device or closest things I could find, followed by a pic of the actual device I have.

    Graham-Patten D/ESAM 200 Audio Mixer

    Marantz WRC200mkII Wired Remote Control from Am-Dig. We also have CD-R, DVD-R, DVD cases, CD jewel cases, labels, cables, and tapes.

    DBX 900 : Audio Accessories & Misc.Professional Video Equipment

    YAMAHA 1204 MC SERIES MIXING CONSOLE en venta en (finaliza el 09-ene-08 19:34:40 H.Esp)

    See next post for more!

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    Goldline Oscillator TS1RMX Audio Test Set - eBay (item 290205770900 end time Feb-24-08 16:00:00 PST)

    ?? This doesnt have any identification...

    And a bunch of cables, hopefully including nexessary power cables for the devices. there are a lot of "2 Analog / 4 Digital I/O cables."

    So, if anyone could help me out and give me some advice on selling all of this I would appreciate it. All the moneys for the band so you will be supporting the fine arts by doing so .

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    Best advice? - Whap it all on ebay - but take some better photos and clean up that Yammy before you post it up - don't hold your breath for big money though....

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