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Thread: Capturing and Editing from DVD vobs

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    Default Capturing and Editing from DVD vobs

    I am trying to make a show real of short films, on multiple DVDs onto a single disk. I have used 'Any Video Converter' to convert the VOB files to both AVI and mpegs.

    When I play them back in Premier Pro the result is jerky and the sound doesn't play. I tried exporting a single film to see if it was due to memory - the resulting film was also jerky.

    Both the AVIs and the Mpegs play fine on their own - when I put them into Premier the problems start.

    Am I doing something obviously wrong - I feel it is possibly to do with the project settings I am using????

    Many thanks in advance


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    forum search result fot 'edit vobs'

    Video Editing Forums: Digital Director - Search Results

    Should have the ansers.

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