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    Please excuse me if this question has been answered a million times

    Scenario: Our site has advertisers that wish for us to create a video/image montage on certain pages (Much like a banner), and also post them on YouTube.

    Problem: I can't find video editing software that will allow us to use the product beyond personal use. I need to find one for business use. Now they state not for commercial use, but I donít think our business is that. was the closest as far as terms and conditions, but they are so broad and general ... and I need specific conditions.

    I tried and it did say non-commercial use, but again I donít think we are a commercial business.

    Any help is appreciated!!!


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    Well, I am no legal expert and I rarely read the samll print but I am pretty sure there is no problem here.

    When you buy an editor the originator of the program has no interest in what you produce.

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    I think you're asking slightly the wrong question. I pressume you mean you want to use software that will automatically edit your video into a montage. A site like onetruemedia provides this service online and as such states in its terms and conditions that the service is for personal use only.

    Using video editing software to edit your own footage for upload to YouTube is a whole different matter. You are free to use the likes of Adobe Premiere etc in the same way as Word, Excel etc. It's a different kettle of fish altogether!

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