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    Hi folks,

    For the last few months I have been getting to grips with Vegas 7 and recently upgraded to Vegas Pro 8. I printed some of the 400 odd page manual for V7 and have been slowly but surely growing in confidence with using it.

    At the moment I am looking for some further reading material for V8 (or the more recent Vegas books etc) and I have to say I canít seem to find much. I have been to a few exhibitions and book shops and they seem to have loads of books and reading material for adobe and other software but so far I have not been able to find any material for V7 or V8.

    I have asked a few people and have been advised there are a few titles floating about but they seem to be very popular? Can anybody help me with titles or point me in the right direction for some books of further reading material so that I can progress with the basic skills that I have learnt form the manual.

    Any help much appreciated



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    Vegas Revisied and Vegas Editing Workshop are both very good, I have the version 6 book, they cover pretty much everything, you'll pick up the few upgrades in no time. I'm still learning things from the books. Also check out the Vegas Seminar Series DVD's from Sony,, Theres a lot of info out there. hope that helps.

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    thanks for your help there will!

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    7 and 8 are very similar - anf books on 7 will be just as useful for 8.

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    I'm new to Vegas Pro (and any NLE) so am in a similar situation.

    I ordered the "Seminar Series" DVD training course and the "DIgital Video and Audio Production" training book from the Sony web site (beware FedEx charges and then customs hitting you). Luckily I got the cost of the Seminar Series DVD training refunded after spotting an ad on a web site that said it was free if you bought Vegas Pro 8 before the end of January. Just as well because I thought it was very poor. The picture quality is dreadful so screenshots are very difficult to make out and I felt it was really just a free marketing tool for the product rather than something that warranted being sold as training material.

    The "Digital Video and Audio Production" book was MUCH better for a novice like me (and is half the price of the Seminar Series DVD - go figure!). Lots of tips and tricks. It's spiral bound so it can be kept open whilst working along with it and comes with a DVD that has files to work with as you follow the book. Very much a "tutorial"-style self-teach book but with lots of good stuff tucked away in it, if perhaps a bit basic for people very familiar with the program. The only downside is remembering you saw a tip on how to do something and then struggling to find it again because it's not a reference book (I guess that's what the User Guide is for). The book is subtitled "A hands-on guide to creating rich multimedia with Vegas Pro 8" and is in its fifth edition. Probably only available from Sony Creative Software direct.


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