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Thread: how to convert from dvd to mpeg4 to edit

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    Default how to convert from dvd to mpeg4 to edit


    Im on a budget so cant afford a new camera at present and i want to record my friends band on a camcorder which records to hi 8 tape, i had one tape recored onto DVD but when i put the dvd in my mac it wouldnt read it!! i dont use a pc at all, not interested, so does anyone know how i can edit the dvd recording on a mac?? do i need to get final cut pro? does this do most formats??

    Alternativly is there a camera i can use which syncs staright away with a mac? under 300??

    Please email me back at if you have any advice id be very grateful

    Many thanks!!

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    Hi-8 analog or digital dv writing to a Hi-8 tape?

    What is the make and model of your Hi-8 tape using camcorder?

    Re the tape that was recorded to a DVD was it as a data dvd or a dvd format disc that will play in a dvd player?

    When you put the disc in you Mac can you explore the disc and, if so, what type of video files are on the disc?

    There should be multiple programs that will work on your Mac, recognize and support the video files and allow you to edit and render and burn to dvd.

    To answer Title of Thread and without knowing what type of file is on your disc transfer the disc content to your hard drive and then use a file transcoder utility like mediacoder (free online download and so far I haven't found a file it won't transcode) which should be able to transcode whatever file type your video is to mpeg4 or whatever you require.

    Won't hold it against you that you disdain PC architecture computers!

    More info please!
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    Default info...

    Thanks for taking the time to camcorder is a canon V400E embarrassingly i have no idea whether its analogue or digital, i think digital?? the dvd recorded would have been a format dvd to be played in a dvd player, my friend did it on just a home dvd recorder.

    when i put it in the mac, it shows folders but none of them will open, it says this cannot be read etc

    ill try the media coder programme and see if that works, if not can i get back to you, to see if i can work round it better in the future? can you reccommend a good camera that bypasses this proceedure like phone cameras do? im gonna get final cut pro, to learn how to do editing etc and add effects would any file be compatable for this do you know??

    Thanks very much for your help , im very grateful!


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    I wasn't able to quickly find a lot of information re the Canon V400E except that it apparently is an analog 8mm format camcorder so far I can't find manufactured date.

    Do you have the original tape that your dvd was made from?

    Was the dvd created using a Mac or a PC?

    Can your friend share what program was used to create this dvd? It's possible that the dvd was created with software that creates files that are not compatible with the Mac. If you could provide the file type including the ending extension (like .vob or .mpg or .avi) that would be very helpful.

    So far as in future working with other tapes from this camcorder you will need some sort of adapter that will plug into the composite outputs of the camcorder and plug into a input port on the Mac with software open that will "recognize" the camcorder and control the transfer of the tape images to a supported video file type on your Mac. I assume you are in Europe so that analog file type would be under the PAL standard and probably some sort of mpeg.

    I'm posting here instead of sending you a direct email as I hope smarter heads than mine will read our exchange and step in to help.

    Please keep us posted - your issues shouldn't be too difficult to solve.

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    Get a pc !

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    Default get a pc??

    in my experience with pc's- i wouldnt dream of it- PC = Piece of Crap!

    I'll stick to my wonderful and reliable MACs thanks.

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    thanks so much, ill keep you posted , gonna get that info today and see where im up to, i appreciate your help.


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    Interested to see your reception of the PC comment from Mark - I am relatively new here and always find his version of helpful moderation a bit over the top though I believe (and hope) the intent is benign and to inject a bit of humor into a technical situation.

    I keep saying that when I see something funny I will laugh and I keep waiting for the wit and humor that never quite arrives!!

    Please continue to seek help - it is here - if you prefer direct email engagement just advise.

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    Default email

    Hi im keith im new to all this myself but your camcorder has pal written on the display next to the v400 , I use convertXtoDVD on the pc went on there web site clicked on mac users and they sent me to Download best software to get the alternative converting sofware i also use E M Total video converter wich will covert most formats i will go to there site and see if they do a version for mac and get back to you. hope my info will help you regards keith
    Ps its funny but only this morning my upstairs flat mate brought a v400e for me to look at now i have to find asourse for tapes
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