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    I love everything about Cinematography. To learn more about it, I enrolled in the (link removed by MW) and I'm currently on my first term. I'm interested in meeting other Cinematographers or filmmakers of all kinds.
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    If this is the so-called film school in the Philippines, I've heard a lot of bad things about it. Since this is your first post and is nothing more than a plug for this establishment, I would suggest that any prospective cinematographers give this place a miss and go to a proper film school.
    In the past we've had all sorts of people coming onto this forum, posting once, claiming to be students from this place. However my old film school has never heard of it.
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    Hmmm. I have noticed a few posts such as this recently. Please dont spam the forums like this - no more please.

    If you want to promote your 'school' then I suggest you post in th epimp the link section - self promotion is positively encouraged there (ONCE).

    I have removed the link.

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