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Thread: AMD 64 and Premiere Pro

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    Default AMD 64 and Premiere Pro

    Is truth that premiere pro and aftereffects 6.5 are not supported by amd athlon 64 bit?

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    They are not optimised for use on 64bit operating systems. I can't comment on whether they are "compatible", but I think you may well find that people are refering to whether or not they have been designed with a 64bit OS (on which you'll fully benefit from a 64bit processor) in mind.

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    The AMD 64 Processor's can run anything in 32-bit, but stick it in a Linux 64-Bit environment and it flies..

    It has very good 32-bit extensions too, expecially for games.

    So good that Intel copied AMD's 64-Bit extensions
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    Yer, you gotta laugh. All that research and they finally admit that AMD got it right and they didn't

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    so a 64bit AMD will run 32 bit windoze?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pieguy
    so a 64bit AMD will run 32 bit windoze?
    but you can forget plugging a Matrox RT.X100 onto it!

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    Surely it goes into a PCI slot. Jacking it into the CPU would just be silly - no wonder it doesn't work

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    After building an AMD64 based system (not for me unfortunately) I can quite safely vouch for the fact that they run like a total dream, even on 32bit WinXP. As I'm not a Linux person, I can't give any opinion on that, but I believe "s*** off a shovel" is a phrase that can be applied in this situation

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