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Thread: Vegas 8 very slow

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    Default Vegas 8 very slow

    i have had vegas 6 and 7 before this and 8 is the slowest one.. when i close it out and then reopen it, it takes for ever to build the proxy? what could i do to speed this up cuase it takes about 15 mins to load a 10 minutes video

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    Quote Originally Posted by Braden View Post
    what could i do to speed this up cuase it takes about 15 mins to load a 10 minutes video
    I'm almost sure this isn't going to be VEGAS.

    You have a problem with your:

    1] Media


    2] PC


    Now, if you want to say/suggest that 8 is less efficient than 6 or 7, then DO a comparison and using the exact same project (you will need to do this manually as a V8 project CANNOT be opened in an earlier version of Vegas. And Manually means re-inventing the project AND the FXs AND the Envelopes and so on and so forth). Then informs us that it is so. Do you understand what i am saying?

    Please return with:

    A] A screen grab of the project

    B] A list of the Media - variations and quantity

    C] Number of tracks

    D] The FXs used and where.

    . .and so on.

    But, 15 minutes to load a 10 video (Then not a project? You are talking about loading a VIDEO?? What is the format of the Video?)

    Have you tried loading the SAME Video(?) in 6 and 7?

    And yes, this should NOT be the case. How about some PC specs too?

    Let's see what can be done. But you need to present to us more info. than you have - yeah?

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    I have had this with dodgy media a few times. Just dont bother with the proxy, you wont get a waveform but it will still edit ok.

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    Default Have you bumped up ypur ram?

    I started with Sonic Foundry Video Factory 2, than upgraded to vegas 5 and now have Vegas 8. I have been using the same hp Pavilion a250y for 6 years or more, but have been constantly upgrading the ram. I am at 2.5 now and have no problem.

    Here are some idea's that might help.

    You might want to go into the general preferences and disable:
    • Automatically Load last project
    • Show Flash Logo.
    And you might want to go to the video tab and up the dynamic ram.

    Run a defrag and a scan disk on your main drive.

    Another thing I do is try to keep this machine primarily for video editing and use the lesser machines in the house for daily computing chores. Atleast every 16 months, I reformat the hard drive, reinstall windows, download windows updates,update all my drivers and reinstall Vegas and all my other software.

    Vegas 8 is pretty resource intensive and the demands are going to increase with High Def and thats why I bit the bullet upgrading to it. You just got to tweak all the juice out of your machine, the program runs fine.
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