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    Hi guys

    I'm new in video editing and I want your advice in what kind of hardware to buy, i need a DVD quality result.

    Actually in my company they need to capture video tapes (VHS) and edit them the export them to DVD's.

    Hope to provide me with hardware names and brands.
    Price is not a problem

    thank you guys

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    VHS? Options abound from installing a video capture card, a video card with capture inputs or external I/O or a simple and much less expensive adapter that connects to a PC USB2 port (firewire is always better but not necessary for low res video like VHS).

    Connect the VHS player's composite outputs (1 video + 2 audio) or S-Video output to this adapter with the adapter output plugged into your PC.

    Most all video cards and capture adapters come with some sort of software that will control the video capture and then allow editing.

    Set capture settings as mpeg2 720X480, and with the software open turn on the vcr and push the play button and click on "capture" button of the capture software and the video should record to your hard drive.

    Then open that file in the workspace/timeline of your editing software and edit scenes, add transitions and effects and titles or credits and when all is done finish or render to file out as MPEG2 which is the base file for standard definition dvd creation.

    If this sounds difficult it is not - just takes a bit of practice - there are several manufactureres that offer free trial versions of their programs - ULead, Pinnacle and Adobe.

    Also, most all PC internal dvd read/write drives come bundled with a disc of software including programs that will control simple capture and editing and rendering and dvd creation and burning.

    That's it in a nutshell.
    EDITED TO ADD that if the VHS tapes were commercially produced they may have copy protection - most common was called Macrovision - commercial movies on VHS usually have this type of protection. If the tapes you are working with have such protection you will need to run the video through a device called a Video Stabilizer before trying to capture it to your hard drive or you can look on ebay for something called a TBC or TimeBase Corrector or, for that matter, you could run your video through a video monitor if equipped with true Loop Through to a video output.
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