hello all, im new to the site. im currently trying to get footage from skateboarding from my camera to my computer. im new at this and dont have crazy editing software and what not and am using a borrowed camera. i cannot ask the owner for help because i fear he is goign to ask for hte camera back and we need to get more footage. i am trying to get it onto windows movie maker but every time i press capture from video device it says that it is not detected even htough the camera is pluged in, turned on and in the right setting. when i go to import the video, the video files do not show up in hte removable disk space. the only thing i can get to is the pictures taken by the owner with the camera.

the camera is a 1.2 megapixel leica dicomar 3CCD. its film too not digital. the only thing digital is the camera part of it i think.

thanks for any help