I've been playing around with my newly delivered "editors toolkit" from digitaljuice.com (the cheeky so and so's didn't entertain my request for a review copy, so I had to dip into my shallow pockets) and I've gotta say it's a cracker. It's made me think about what Premiere can do too, so hopefully you'll see move up on the learning curve over the next month and produce a marked improvement in my user videos!

I'll also hopefully have a review of the kit, plus a long overdue review of Premiere 1.5 soon. My first impression of Pro 1.0 was "ouch, it's COMPLETELY different, I'll have to learn from scratch". Followed by "where the hell is my timeline", and then "wow, this is so much better" shortly afterwards.

Anyways, I'll have my usual, "Marc trys to learn software without reading a guide" review within the next few weeks.