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Thread: Clips with scrolling Titles

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    Default Clips with scrolling Titles

    Have read a post re the above subject, the instructions were to keep text over to the right and to the leftside for clips, click scroll option to move the titles upward.

    I however am lost how to do this? Do you crop the clip to fit only 1/2 of the screen, thus leaving room for the text on the right? How is it assembled on the timeline one on top of the other and is the duration of the text equal the duration of the clip. Using PPRO 1.5 not a newbie but I certainly could be more proficient.

    Thanks all for their replies

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    Check out the tutorial on Rolling Credits at
    It is on page 3 of the Products/Complimentary section.
    The tutorial is for Premiere Elements 3 but it is almost identical in Pre Pro.

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    Thank you for your reply I will maintain the tutorial for future use as I will apply what I learned to future projects.

    My project that I used your assistance on was just for learning purposes, at the time and after viewing those tutorials I have taken another step albeit a little step on becoming more proficient at video editing. Once again many thanks.

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