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    I've just upgraded from Elements to CS3. When working with widescreen footage in elements, I always downconverted it (letterbox) and just worked with it like that, because otherwise (I think) I could only play it properly on a widescreen TV. I read in my Encore book that with CS3 PP and Encore, I should work with widescreen, and Encore will override the player to display the footage in letterboxed format. I'm a bit scared about starting a project and finding it doesn't work and I need to reedit it. Is it true that even if I edit in widescreen, it will be letterboxed automatically through Encore to play OK on a 4:3 TV?

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    I agree. ALWAYS ALWAYS author a widescreen DVD. PLug it into your DVD player and let it convert it to letterbox or pan and scan if your only have a 4:3 telly. DVD players have these settings as the manufacturers donot knwo what type of TV the buyers will have so have options to convert onthe fly during playback.

    And then when you get a bigger TV you do not have to change anything and already have the right disk to hand.

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    OK, got it. Thanks!

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    You're welcome.

    This question comes up sometimes on these forums and it;s sometimes very difficult to get poeple to realise that the best answer here (in my opinion) is not a video editting solution at all but just a question of playback settings.

    The only issue here that can arise is if your intended audience sets their DVD player to pan and scan mode and you would prefer somethign other than automatic P&S. you might justify a re-edit then I suppose.

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    Hmmm, that makes perfect sense.

    But how about this (which is a software issue): because I'd downconverted this footage to 4:3 letterbox (from widescreen), I had to recapture the footage. So I made the files offline, then recaptured (batch capture) in a new widescreen project so as to not have to relog. Easy.

    Then, I imported my old time-line (where I'd started editing with the letterboxed footage), and thought I would be able to replace the clips on the timeline with the new widescreen clips - but when i tried 'replace clip', it replaced the clip on the timeline with the new clip, but from the beginning of the clip, not using the time-code from the edited clip. So I ended up having to go back and log the time-code from the old project and then re-do it manually (there wasn't alot done so that was OK).

    Was there a way to avoid this? I'm using CS3.



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