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Thread: Timecode problem! Grrrr

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    Default Timecode problem! Grrrr

    When I first found "Video editing forums" I somehow new I was going to revisit as I found it to be full of people with video editing problems! (Just like myself) and the advise is second to none! I have recently started to use Adobe premier pro and after several weeks of learning and frustration I am begining to find my way round. As one learns to use more of it's functions the more problems one seems to comes accross!

    I was wondering if anybody could shed a little light in the area of timecode, the problem is I have a 58 minute production in my timeline and I want to export it to a min dv tape via a 1394 connection. When I am presented with the record dialog box it shows specific timecode values ie Timecode 19.58. End Timecode 49.42 then at the bottom it says current Timecode 19.58. I hit the record button only to see my movie start recording at 19.58. I go to the help menu and look up and carry out the following procdure, To stripe a tape with timecode:

    Put a completely unused tape in the camera.
    If you're using a camera, attach the lens cap and disable audio input.
    Begin recording. Let the camera or deck run until the entire tape is recorded. After following the instructions I began to record again only to find that the Timecode values in the dialog box had not changed and that my movie would start at 19.58 mins mmmm!. "Just a thought" I have burnt a few dvds off but I need to learn more about the settings as the quality is not upto scratch however last night I tried to burn another and when I replayed it... on my dvd player the movie started at you guesed it 19.58 as you can imagine it's all to confussing for me Grrrrrr! I would be most grateful for any advise to help me iliminate this problem Thanks for listening.

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    I'll have to be honest, I've never exported to tape (I just have a huge amount of drive space I guess). However, are you outputting the "work area" rather than the "entire project" from your timeline?

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    you have to make sure the work area bar (thing at the top of the timeline that looks like a scrollbar) covers all of your project. then just export to tape like usual.
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    things you can check

    In the export to tape box, disable “assemble at timecode”.

    Click in the timeline window and hit your “\” (backslash) key to view the whole timeline. Check that your first clip is located at 00:00.

    Also check that you haven’t set the “in” marker to 19:58. (Marker, Set Sequence marker, in)

    When recording back to tape you should remember to wind the tape out a little to avoid the “starting” area of the tape. You could then write “assemble at timecode” 00:30 for example.


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    First of all I would like to thank you Dr Gonzo for your reply in relation to my problem of "Time code" your advise was sound as a pound. I'm sorry I am a little late in replying to your post but to be honest with you I solved the problem just after I left my origanal thred. (Shame on me for not sharing)

    The problem was right in the face; the time code bar was not set and only needed dragging to the start and end point! Often I get myself in a flutter when I cannot do somthing and this is caused by ( Not Look Properly) Lol.

    I would like to thank video editing forums for supplying such a great service, Im new to video editing and without this forum I would have stuggled very much Thanks guys!

    Before I go I would just like to add somthing about "Time Code" I looked up the information on stripping tapes etc and tried it several time this may have worked however if it did I was unawear of it. After consulting my camera user manual I learned that when a new tape is inserted into the camera the time code is automaticly set to zero!

    As Arnie would say "I will Be Back"

    Take Care

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