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    Default PAL monitor calibration

    Ok so i just got my JVC TM H150C after reading great reviews for it, and i was all set for calibrating it due to hundreds of 'how to's' on the net. HOWEVER, little did i know that all these sites i had been seeing where intended for NTSC monitors and often referring to using HUE as a technique where in PAL land the hue switch is not accessible nor necessary.

    Well after trying to do it by playing with various functions i have to admit defeat, nearly all attempts are leading me to the same result, which is my video footage looking washed out with exaggerated banding and way way over exposed. What comforts me is i have been reading over on a few forums that other people with the same monitor after just buying are also getting a washed out over exposed image.

    I know im going on abit but you can imagine how important this is to me, which leads me on to some more info that can possible help someone help me. I've been generating my pal smpte colour bars through sony vegas 8 and i notice that at the bottom far right corner where theres suppost to be 3 vertical lines of grey and black, it only displays the dark grey one on my JVC monitor. I read in the manual that this is due to my computer missing a codec which i dont understand at all. However I cant seem to find broadcast standard PAL bars on the web anywhere, not smpte ones anyway. Im getting quite worried now.

    I understand also that colours will be displayed differently on my computer as opposed to my monitor but i've tried endless amounts of footage and even commercial dvds become way over exposed on my monitor.

    Any help would be welcome. Thanks

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    You are not the first to find this out!!!!

    The colour bars were invented for NTSC

    Never The Same Colour twice!!

    Anyway there are some things you can do to calibarte the monitor.

    I used a LUCAS Film DVD colour calibrator found on a lot of the Star Wars discs in the other functions folders and this is effective with LCD panels.

    If you have your monitor conected to an edit suit there WILL be a colour bar graphic included

    Or you can seek out ALAN ROBERTS posts at the DVdoctor web site he has dowloads available for just your needs

    Hope that helps - Cath

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