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    Default deleting selected items

    i have a project, and i want to delete the first half of it without having to go through and click on each little clip. is there a way to hilight the first half and delete all of them. thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisw91 View Post
    is there a way to highlight the first half and delete all of them. thanks
    WOW!! Yes there is? How come you've got this far and not had to delete a selection of clips before? However:

    1] Scrub Region/Selection/Loop

    2] Hit Delete Button

    Might I humbly suggest you read the extensive online Help. Not only is it packed full of Tips and Tricks you are potentially missing out on, but when you come back here and ask further questions, we can kinda be up to speed with what you have tried already.

    On the subject of Deletion, you're missing out on : Ripple Edits; Out of sequence deletion; Selection of Media; Track selection and deletion and so on. There is much to be gained from the O-LineHelp - yeah?

    And, of course, you are welcome to come back if and when you are further stumped. No promises with a cogent answer, but there are some fine VegHeads around to assist.


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