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Thread: editing advice????

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    Default editing advice????

    Gday Don't know if I'm in the right section for a Newby but I would like some advice on editing software!!
    Been making home vids for years using Helcam setup and basic Mini DV camera's!
    Just using Windows movie maker!
    I need to put a bunch of short vids on one disc, so need to be able to add chapters, which can't be done with Windows, well I can't.
    What is an easy to use program with this feature???
    Any advice will be appreciated

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    There are a few out there, but something like Adobe premiere elements would probably serve you well. That will take in your dv footage and let you edit,add transitions & titles and then burn a dvd of the finished movie.

    There are others like Pinnacle studio and I think there is a cut down version of Sony Vegas as well, best thing is to check out their websites as they normally have trial versions you can download and try and find the one that best suits you and the way you work.

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