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    Hi, newbie to the site here but seems like as good as place as any to be asking for help..

    I've been using DVD Architect 4.0 for a while now and when rendering my videos in the past it's only taken on average 7-8 hours although recently it's started to take between 15-20 hours?

    Has anyone else had any problems like this? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to revert back to old rendering times? All my settings and set up remain the same so it seems very odd..

    Thanks in advance for any help or information.


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    My guess is that it's nothing at all to do with DVDa. It's far more likely there's a deeper problem with your PC.

    I would suggest you scan your system thoroughly to make sure you haven't got a hidden internet nasty lurking in your system that's eating up resources.

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    Thanks for the reply but the PC being used has never been connected to the internet..have run spyware scans, anti virus and registry removers but still problems..

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    Have you tried creating a DVD that you've made before with DVDA? ie using exactly the same media/settings that you've used before? Is that taking significanly longer too or is it only new stuff? Just a process of elimination here - is the slowdown occurring within DVDA or is it because of some difference in the type(s) of media you're feeding it.

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    Same length? Same media type? Different sources (DV, divx, wmv) are likely to take different times.

    Drive getting full? Fragged? Temps ok?

    >15 hours is a bit mad unless you are running a celeron. My core duo munches through a dvd made from DV source at about real time.

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