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    Default Awesome Football Highlights

    YouTube - Rockcastle High School Football Highlights 2007
    made this for my high school football team. look for me im #22 the kick ass half back

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    Filming sports is not easy.

    Getting good video inevitably means zooming or running onto the pitch and since the latter may be reckless using that zoom means a tripod is essential.

    This video also looks like a first try with a free try out, the w mark is a dead give away, as is the tiresome and random use of fades and stuff.

    Anyone learning to edit should forget clockwipes and flash fades and so on and on and on - concentrate on the content and think about the audience.

    It would ahve been nice to have some audio of the action audible and maybe some quick VPs with the players - some contaxt and background may have made it more watchable.

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