Hi im hoping someone could help with a problem i'm having. Ive been using a panasonic NV-GS320 camera for about 8 months, to date with no problems. Ive just tried to record some footage, but when i tried to play it back, i just get a black screen, with the timers. This is the same whether using the LCD, viewfinder, through my tv, or firewire to my pc. The tape counter stays at 0:00:00, but the "tape remaining" counter counts down as normal.I then tried to playback some previous tapes that have always worked no problem and they show exactly the same thing.

The last time I used the camera, about a month ago, everything worked perfectly.
I have tried everything I can find in forums etc, tape cleaners, taking the power out for 60 secs, pressing reset button, but nothing.
If it helps, the screen works perfectly in record mode, and also when viewing photos from the memory card. Ive also always used JVC tapes, never changing brand so i dont think its that either.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!!!