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Thread: Drag previewing (Vegas 7)

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    Default Drag previewing (Vegas 7)

    In Vegas 7 you are able to drag (lengthen) out a clip and preview the footage that you are dragging out in realtime - like the slider follows the end of the clip. Vegas used to do it by default, and it was very handy when lengthening or shortening a clip as I could see exactly where to lengthen it to and what I was adding on, but for some reason Vegas has just stopped doing this "drag previewing" and I have to drag the clip out (or lengthen it) and then select the new parts of the clip with the slider to actually preview what I just added. I'm just wondering if this command has a name and if it can be toggled on and off as it seems to have been toggled off.

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    I understand.

    Please check this for me - Looping:

    A] In Preferences > Editing "Enable Looping ( first option) . . . " Enable this

    ALSO ..

    B] Right Click Event and choose Properties > Video Event > (and if you haven't)Enable LOOP

    Make sure that you have both these options Checked/Enabled. I can repro what you have got and reverse this by the above. Let's try this first - yeah?


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    Hi Grazie, I tried what you suggested and found that they were both enabled/checked

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taraxanoid View Post
    Hi Grazie, I tried what you suggested and found that they were both enabled/checked

    . . and?

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    "Make sure that you have both these options Checked/Enabled."

    That's what you told me to do, and that's what I did. Now what?

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    Still the same?

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    I see the plot for an epic developing here. The Blood and the Stone starring Grazie and Taraxanoid (Is the second syllable pronounced as in "axe" or is the "x" as in Xanadu - thus "Tara's annoyed"?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grazie View Post
    Still the same?
    Yes, still the same. I've checked on other projects and they're fine, but this one I'm currently working on has the issue exclusively. It's quite annoying ><

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    What Version/Edition & Build of Vegas7 have you got? Look under > Help > About > General.


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    Ah! I now re-read your last comms. Other projects in the SAME version/build of Vegas are working as they should. OK. Then we need to accept that there is something icky ( tech-term that!) with this ONE veg.

    1] - Can you copy and paste ALL media to a NEW instance of Vegas?

    or ..

    2] - Can you SAVE project under a new name and reopen?

    Just try these 2 potential remedies out against my "icky" theory for me - please?

    The other thing you might also try is to locate your Vegas 7 TEMP directory and see if you have any dormant, old and mouldy TMP and Undo/Redo buffer files in there? You may have a Undo-"challenge" command lurking and seeking its once-know parent - yeah?

    I must say, this has been the single most clearly visible benefit in going to V8. The Temp directory appears to be behaving much better. Of course this might be a local benefit for me. But yah never knows?

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