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    Just wanted to say thankyou to all the mods and all the posters! May sound crawly but it's not...

    I got my camera less than a year ago and I'm already on a bit of an ambitious project which without this forum would not have got off the ground. I don't post a lot but I read a lot and take note, every thread I've read and almost every post has lodged itself away somewhere deep the cobwebs of my somewhat addled mind. I think about pointing the camera at something and a little voice says 'have you done this? How does it fit? Turn the bloody mike on'

    A year ago I didn't know a white balance from a lense, a wild track from a wild time and for as three point lighting I thought you got from Ikea. It's gone from me annoying people with my camera to them saying 'how do want me to this?'. I even got people wanting to pay me money! Nutters.

    So I say thankyou and cheers all


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    Thanks for the feedback!

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