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    I was wondering how good is Final Cut Pro compared with Sony Vegas Movie Studio?
    At uni we're using Final Cut Pro and the tutor said that he prefers students to use the uni stuff rather than our own which kind of defeats the object of learning (anyway that's another thing entirely)


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    Imagine trying to teach a subject using tools with which you are comfortable. Now imagine trying to teach that subject using tools with which you are not familiar.
    Your tutor will potentially be stumped every time you ask him a question - (a) he won't know how to achieve the same in Vegas (b) he won't even know if the same facility is available in Vegas. Consequnetly even if it is available it will take him much longer to demonstrate on Vegas (and therefore limit the amount you can cover)
    On the other hand, it will be very good experience to learm two ways of skinning a rabbit.
    I'd certainly advise you to use FCP when dealing with the tutor, but try to accomplish the same in Vegas.
    Vegas Movie Studio is a great package but has some limitations compared with Vegas Pro. Vegas Pro would be a better comparison to FCP. If you already have VMS and can't consider the upgrade, it's still worth seeing how much of what you can do in FCP you can do in VMS.

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    Ok fair point. I did think that it's worth knowing several systems because you won't always be using the exact same thing for every project or employer and from what I've heard there are similar elements to most editing software so by using several you will be able to use a new piece of software with very little teaching.

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